South America

Do you know much about South America? If not, you can learn more about the continent today. South America is located, for the most part, in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a continent in which several countries are located, including Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, French Guiana, and many others. With so many different countries in South America, there are also tons of different cities. The largest cities in South America happen to be Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. These three large cities are also the most commonly visited amongst tourists and those who are interested in vacationing in South America.

"Learn Speak Spanish Language"There are so many different languages that can be spoken in South America. The main languages in this continent are either Spanish or Portuguese but there are dozens of other languages that people can speak on this continent as well. Some of the other languages spoken in South America include English, Dutch, and French. Tourists from the United States will often be able to find people in South America who speak English, as the residents of South America know that a vast majority of the tourists who come to the area speak English.

"South America Tourism"South America tends to rely heavily on tourism, especially as a means of developing some sort of income for the different countries. The people of South America are generally welcoming to all tourists who come to the continent. With increased tourism, the countries are able to earn a whole lot more, which is yet another reason why these residents welcome tourists with open arms. If you are planning to tour South America, you will realize almost instantly that the entire continent is so diverse, with people of all races, ethnicities, and religions. And, with so many different people living in South America, the food varies from country to country and each country is rich with culture.

There are many things to see while touring South America. Some people do not realize that South America is actually home to the largest waterfall on the planet, much larger than the beloved Niagara Falls. In fact, the Iguazu Falls, located in between both Brazil and Argentina, is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. People come from all over the world to experience the falls firsthand, as it is such an amazing thing to see in pictures and is even better up close and personal. Aside from the falls, there is a huge rainforest and a number of tall mountains in South America that are simply astonishing.

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