South American Hotels

"South American Hotels"Finding awesome places to visit, and spectacular things to see on your travels is fun and all. But once you’ve done a full day of sightseeing, you want to have some place to lie back, rest, and maybe cut some z’s before the next excursion. So, where do you sleep in South America?

In hotels, that’s where, like anywhere else. Accommodation is as varied as the continent is. Whatever your likes and needs, you certainly will find a good place to stay in South America. The issue is finding where that place is, and picking the right one.


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Iguazú Falls, Argentina

"Iguazu Falls Argentina"For getting up close and personal to the falls, the Argentine side is a lot better. There are two routes: the paseo superior and the paseo inferior. They both are a series of trails, bridges and catwalks that give you spectacular views of the falls. The paseo superior goes over the top, while the inferior climbs down to the base of the falls, so you can get a good view looking up.

Another advantage to the Argentine side are the two free boat tours that will get you close to the falls as well. It seems the locals will do anything to get you wet.


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Booking a South America Cruise

If you are looking for a luxury vacation along the continent of South America, booking a South America Cruise may be your best bet. If you do not mind being at sea and are not afraid of the water, a cruise to South America will be an amazing and enjoyable experience. It is amazing to think of everything that can be offered to you while on a cruise ship. However, you will be treated like royalty aboard the cruise ship, with a number of accommodations and amenities that will be available to you. The ships will often carry only a certain number of individuals to ensure the safety of the passengers. On the ship, you will learn more than you ever knew about South America while also having the time of your life.


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